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Welcome to the Next Generation Of Artist Development

Elevate Your Music | Empower Your Journey.

A hybrid music finance solution that dedicated to unlocking the full value of artists' potential. Our mission is to empower artists with strategic financial solutions tailored to their unique needs. We achieve this through Targeted Distribution, Digital Marketing, Auditing, Catalog acquisitions, Artist funding, and Music synchronization.

In an industry often clouded by misinformation and lack of guidance, artists can find themselves vulnerable to financial loss and unfavorable contracts. At Social Playlist, we provide essential legal services and compliance assistance to ensure artists are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the music landscape successfully.

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Advance Payouts from our Music Fund for Spotify & TikTok Artists

Keep ownership of your Intellectual Property.

Advances from $1,000 to $10,000,000.

What is your Spotify Audience ?


Monthly Listeners

5 Tracks


Get an advance up to 5x your annual streaming or publishing income. Keep ownership of your music and your income from publishing, touring, merch and sync. Customize your contract term length, content, and monthly income levels. We not only introduce you to key industry contacts but also offer upfront advances through our affiliated music funds, especially designed for creators with substantial online presence and high-value content.

All Major Distribution Channels, Commercials, TV, Film and Gaming..


Sync Advances Available


Guaranteed Payouts

At Social Playlist, we take your Spotify catalog and  integrate it into our platform, extending its reach across major Ad Agencies, TV networks, and production companies. What truly sets us apart from traditional music sync agencies is our dual role as a TV and film production company.
Our placements range from video game trailers to major feature films. It's important to note that licensing agreements are separate from our funding opportunities, and negotiations will be customized based on mutual interest

We License your Music with Major TV, Film and Gaming Networks





Advance Payout

As a trailblazing and forward-thinking music fund and sync company, we are dedicated to achieving exceptional results for both our partners and artists. We pave the way for talented but underserved niche artists in the digital space, providing them with the financial support and mainstream exposure they need to thrive



In-house Video Production for all content

Being a Production Company first, we collaborate with renowned music supervisors and other production companies to connect artists with opportunities that align with their music.


It's as Simple as


Lets get you a valuation $$

The team at Social Playlist make sure we get the right deal to work for you. We have 5 funds that we collaborate with and can promise you a higher advance than any competitor. Why?

Because we negotiate on your behalf and make sure you are offered the right price at the right time with the right terms. Simple as that.


Lets Save you Money

Now that you have a financial cushion, lets not waste it. We are partnered with Major Label services providers who will facilitate as a label & Distro company without owning any rights to your music, master or IP.


Lets make you brand worthy!

At Social Playlist, our commitment goes beyond the surface. While we're busy preparing you for the Music Synchronization world, we'll also be working diligently behind the scenes, leveraging advanced algorithms to boost your profile and increase your airplay. Your music will get the attention it deserves, both in front and behind the scenes, as we pave the way to sync success.


Now to the BIG screens..

We believe you're fully prepared to submit your work to music supervisors and production houses. You're presenting a polished and professional image with high-quality soundtracks and stems, showcasing the qualities that production houses truly value in an artist.

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