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We make Magic Happen on and off the screen..

All in the Love of Music


Spotlight on Underrepresented Audiences

"We are driven by a strong desire to support genuine talent. We firmly believe that every creative individual should have access to the necessary tools for growth without unnecessary barriers.
study which gives insights into consumer behaviors, preferences, and attitudes when it comes to a wide range of popular entertainment today (e.g. gaming, music, film, virtual reality, podcasts, and more). This report focuses on: Black/African Americans, Hispanics, Asian/Asian Americans, Native Americans, Women, and LGBTQ+ individuals, plus a bonus section on Gen Z.

Music Excellence

At our core, we are dedicated to supporting musicians and creators by championing their independence and ensuring they receive the respect and recognition they rightfully deserve. The creative industry has long been marred by inequitable practices, with artists often bound by contracts that disproportionately favor labels, stripping them of their autonomy and rightful earnings. Such exploitation undermines the very essence of creativity and cannot be allowed to persist. Our mission is to intervene by offering artists the tools and resources they need to thrive independently, ensuring they maintain control over their work and receive equitable compensation. Join us in reshaping the industry into one that truly values and respects its creators.


Gig Fortune

Chief Executive Officer

Jaqueline Fleming

Talent Acquisitions

That make this all happen

Meet the Magicians

This company is made up of an eclectic team of Industry experts, business professionals, data scientists, software developers, and financial executives. We not only love music, but we want the people who create music to have more control, more ownership, and more flexibility to make more great music, on their own terms. With Partnerships with some of the Major Distribution companies, Synching Agencies, TV Networks and Production companies, we have built this unstoppable machine that will propel Independent Music Artists to their highest level.


Corporate Partners

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